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Soirée Jazz double bill
Swing 276 and Sonia Cat-Berro

Swing 276

At the crossroads of gypsy jazz, musette and retro French song influences, swing 276 has been walking its swing since 2014 in the streets, festivals, bars and other various events. Born from a piano/guitar duo, the formation has now evloved into a trio.

Swing 276 will immerse you in the atmosphere of the popular hits of the 40s and 50s in a retro 'guinguette' atmosphere!!!


Swing 276 has not stopped traveling the roads, touring the festivals of France. Evolving through every encounter and experience, the group has played as a duo, a trio, a quartet, and a quintet.


Their first recording was made in 2018, featuring the titles most requested by the public.

Soirée Jazz double bill

€ 15

7:45 pm,11 June 2021

8:00 pm,12 June 2021

Doors open at 19.15. Evening begins on time to respect curfew.

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Sonia Cat-Berro

Sonia Cat-Berro was raised to the music and jazz of Monk, Mingus, and Ella Fitzgerald from the bottle, thanks to the perfect taste of a music-loving father, and enjoyed a childhood of piano, dance, theater and choir. She studied in letters and history at the Sorbonne. She partially abandoned these studies to return to CIM, the oldest jazz school in Paris and join the passion that drives and feeds her: jazz.

Since then, twenty years have been spent on the stage, with hundreds of concerts, meetings with thousands of people at festivals (Jazz in Marciac, Jazz in Vannes, Orléans Jazz, Festival d'Enghien, Montlouis-sur-Loire ...), Parisians (Duc des Lombards, Sunset- Sunside, Auditorium Saint Germain, Studio de l'Ermitage ...), and with jazz lovers in clubs and beautiful venues all over France, (Theater de Sens, Phoenix de Valenciennes, Theater de Caen, Theater de Meaux, Theater Étampes ...).

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