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Bamboo sheet music
by Arts des Airs

A fragile bridge suspended in time, between horizontal and vertical spaces, a journey with a Far Eastern flavour for three artists under a giant bamboo tripod.

Four travellers, two men and two women, will transport you with their theatrical aerial acrobatics, their emotions, weaving their friendly encounters, on and under the giant bamboo.

Feats of grace, a fight against gravity, always higher, towards the summits and the vertical, by all and any means necessary.

The aerial acrobatics are danced and played on ropes, straps, trapezoids, bamboos, fabrics: improbable tools of this daring endeavour.

Manipulations of objects and fire are also part of the visual spectacle.


An aerial dance score carried by the flexibility of bodies and bamboo ...

Bamboo sheet music

August 19 at 8.30 p.m.

14 €

  9 € children under 14

Please book by e-mail in case of difficulties with online reservation

Partitions bambousHD duo photo EBP panor
Partitions Bambous HDjour photo B.Krief.

Auteur, mise en scène : Armance Brown

Scénographie, création des agrès, direction acrobatique : Bruno Krief

Distribution : Silvana Sanchirico, Jérôme Galan, Bruno Krief 

Régie générale  et construction : Yann Devidal
aérienne portée par la souplesse des corps et des bambous...

Spectacle tout public (durée 54mn)

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